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Tewkesbury Gym Memberships

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We’ve always got time to offer help; for any training enquires or if you need a hand with your training; anything at all, just drop us a message or pop in the gym more than happy to help.

Real Steel Fitness

Tewkesbury Gym Memberships

FREE 1 Week trial – Try Before you Buy

Grab a free week trial for those who want to try the gym out to see if the gym is right for you.


Standard Monthly Membership

Only £25 a month, come as many times as you like within the month. A very popular choice of membership. Remember no contracts and you can cancel anytime.


Couples Monthly Membership

Come together with your partner and enjoy a saving of £10 a month from the standard membership. 


A Week Membership

Looking to pop in for a week and get the feel of the gym? Only £10 to come on in and give us a try.


Annual Membership

Save £50 on a monthly membership if you want to sign up for 12 months. 


A Day Pass

Perfect for someone who wants to get back in the Gym or a beginner only £4.50. 


Check out some of the great products here at real Steel Fitness Tewkesbury Gym Memberships, we now stock from @ssa.sportuk 👊

Our Real Shakes are great value for money plus they’re delicious and high in protein!
Standard protein shake for as little as £2.00, with the option to add oats, creatine, Oreos, millions for a few pennies extra;
Make sure to grab yourself one after your workout. Protein any flavour of your choice from:
  • Vanilla coconut milk
  • Raspberry ripple ice cream
  • Double chocolate mousse
  • Creamy toffee pudding
  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • Plus a shaker bottle

Tewkesbury Gym Memberships

Tewkesbury Gym Memberships
Tewkesbury Gym Memberships

Just a few photos of some our notable leg equipment here at Real Steel; some great old school bits of kit here and some of our personal favourites. Leg press with 5 pins able to support a maximum of up to 750kg or 30 25kg plates!

Fully adjustable seat and adjustable safety pins in case you fail on a rep. Belted squat machine which allows you to squat without the discomfort a barbell can cause; especially great for people with limited mobility in their upper body and an awesome finisher on a leg day.

Seated hamstring curl; great design to keep you locked in and secure so you can really isolate your hamstrings and get an agonisingly good contraction in your hamstrings.

Lying hamstring curl with a comfortable bench and positioning; allows you to keep tension on your hamstrings through the whole movement.

Tewkesbury Gym Memberships